The dimension and code checker is used to check the correct assembly of parts and the use of parts with the correct codes by 3D scanning and subsequent evaluation.

3D scanning is performed by scanning the profile that creates a line laser and simultaneously rotating the workpiece in a synchronous way. To increase the accuracy of 3D scanning, 2 scanners are used to scan the outside and inside of the part.

The device is integrated into the production line and the changeover from one type to another is realized by automatic casting without human intervention.

Real part (top) and part of the circuit scanned by 3D systems (bottom).

3D part model is created from individual part profiles (line laser) while rotating part

On the 3D model, the heights of the individual parts and the codes on the parts, which are formed by a set of grooves, are then evaluated.

Example of 3D scanning of another part.

The individual heights of the scanned 3D model are visualized with pseudo-colors.