Innovation is our Mission

Innovation is our Mission

About us

25+ years of experience

The company Avantek was founded in 1991.

Our dynamic and flexible team consists of enthusiastic engineers and technicians who have a sense of modern, functional, and reliable solutions, a sense of innovation and customer responsibility.

Our history began at a large institution of applied research in the field of new technologies and automation and further developed as an independent entity under new conditions to meet the demanding customer requirements and realize the best ideas.

Experienced developers are complemented by young creative collaborators in a harmonious team.

We specialise in fields:

  • development of the technology (laser and visual systems),
  • design of mechanical and electrical parts of machines,
  • software development,
  • assembly and testing of machines,
  • warranty and post warranty services.
From our history

We started by the development of the design of laser as a source of laser radiation (CO2 and solid-state Nd:YAG lasers) and industrial applications.

After the foundation of Avantek, we have refined the design of the Nd: YAG laser and designed and manufactured simpler laser welding and marking systems.

Gradually, we added various degrees of mechanization and component handling to our simple laser systems, and expanded our solutions with automation.

In recent years, we have also added control functions (visual inspection, dimension control) to laser technology and automation and are therefore able to supply complex automated systems.

Our product becomes a special solution for a specific problem of our customer.

Non-working activities

Due to the small team we try to maintain a family atmosphere in our company and supplement it with non-working activities, especially in the field of hiking and cycling.