Innovation is our Mission

Innovation is our Mission

Who we are

We help to solve problems in production and assembly of products.

In our solutions we use system integration of technologies such as:

  • laser,
  • checking (visual 2D and 3D inspection, optical and touch sensors),
  • robot and manipulator,
  • automation.

Our product is a special solution for a specific customer problem.

Laser applications

Laser marking and micro welding systems. Providing job-shop laser marking services.

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Design, development, and delivery of systems for checking of assembly processes, parts present and dimensions using visual 2D and 3D inspection, laser distance sensors, and precise touch sensors.

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Robot and handling

Design, development and delivery of robotic and handling systems.
Flexible adaptation, elimination of strenuous human labor, increased efficiency.

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Integration of laser applications, checking, robotics, and manipulation into automatic systems.

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Innovation is our Mission

Together with our customers we are looking for new solutions that bring drudgery to machines and improve working conditions for people.

25+ years of experience

Innovation, modernization and automation of production, introduction of new technologies and elimination of strenuous, monotonous human and hazardous work. We fulfill our vision through modern, often specific or customized solutions.

Advanced solutions for you

We take advantage of clever ideas, intelligent design, system integration, reliable production and good support.